I swore I wouldn’t go in..

OK so I swore that I wouldn’t go in on my way past. At least until I’ve read some of the books on my three to be read shelves.

But then I’ve never been known for my resolve.

So I was passing a bookstore on my way home today and thought I would give in and buy Go Set A Watchman. But I couldn’t see the piles and piles of copies sitting in front of me as I walked in, because if I had I wouldn’t have picked up the other two books (which I’m more excited about).

Now I’m sat in a Tapas place waiting for my early dinner and contemplating which to read first. Decisions decisions. It’s tough being a reader sometimes. 



Reading like a woman possessed

I’ve been quiet lately as I’ve been spirited away to the Realm of the Elderlings.


I managed to get a message bird in Trehaug to send a message back home.  I posted a while back that I had been reading The Farseer Trilogy, and ever since I’ve become hooked on the various series from this fantastic world created by Robin Hobb. I completed the Farseer trilogy, then the Liveship Traders trilogy, then the Tawny Man trilogy and I’m well into the first book of The Rain Wild Chronicles quadrilogy. Each set of books is at least 2000 pages, so though I haven’t been posting much, I have been reading like a woman possessed. After the Rain Wilds, I’ll be able to read the first two books of the Fitz and The Fool trilogy, and will almost have caught up with Robin Hobb’s long career.

I must admit to a certain favouritism towards the Six Duchies based stories, but each set of books has gotten better as the stories progress. I’ll catch up on the short stories and then will no doubt feel completely bereft.

Until October when the next Gentlemen Bastards book is due out in the UK.


Trouble reading and focusing

You might have noticed that I haven’t been posting my 100 days for a while.  I’ve been having some personal issues and as I mentioned in my last post I have been a little reclusive lately.

I have decided not to complete the 100 days, but instead to instead to post whenever I see something worth posting about.  That way I can continue as often and/or as long as I feel I’m capable of, without feeling any pressure.

I’ve also been having trouble reading, nothing seems to hold my interest.  I’ve been reading a wonderful book called Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume, and I’m loving every page, but a page at a time is all I can seem to focus on.

Hopefully things are getting better now, and I will be back to normal (whatever that is) soon.  Take care.

Cambridge Days

I’ve become something of a recluse these last weeks and rarely get out and about.  I did go out at lunchtime on Friday to do a summer walk around the botanic gardens.  We walked around the southern side of the gardens and came across this gorgeous display.


100 days of Cambridge – Day 52

Whenever I get the number 18 bus home, which is fairly often, I pass this sculpture.  I have no idea what it’s all about, or why it’s in the middle of a country village a few miles out of Cambridge, but I like it nonetheless.

Sorry about the blurring, this was taken behind the window of a moving bus.


100 days of Cambridge -Day 50

Sorry yet again, it’s been a while and I had a different photo lined up for you today, but when I went to check my weather app for tomorrow I saw that it said we had 30 degrees (Celsius) in Cambridge today.  I spent the whole day cooped up in a room working and so didn’t have any idea it was this hot, can anyone verify?


100 Days of Cambridge – Day 43

Walking towards the bus stop on drummer street I saw some tents going up on Parkers Piece. I’ve no idea yet why they’re there, but I love that there’s always something going on somewhere. For a small city the Cambridge social scene is quite extraordinary.